Suicidal prevention


Suicide is a common issue that many Houston psychologists, Houston psychiatrists, and Houston therapists face. One of the strategies that can be used is to make sure any harmful items are removed from the house. If there are sharp objects such as knives, guns, or any weapons they should be removed so that patent does not have any chance to hurt herself. Also patients who have suicidal thoughts need a safe place to express themselves. Often times patients feel isolated in their life and they do not have a safe place to express themselves, if they have a support group or a therapist they can go to it will prevent the likelihood of the patient committing suicide. Also Houston Therapists recommend that a safety contract is important as well because in many cases when patients physically sign something they feel a lot more committed to that decision. Also another important fact is to make sure the patient has been going to their scheduled appointments on time, and that they have been taking their medications on time.
Houston Therapists recommend that patients keep a chart of the medications they are taking and to have a daily checklist so they are complaint with their medications. Also it is critical that loved ones in the family are aware of the medications and assist i the patient in taking their medications. Another thing that can be done is to make sure the patient has not been isolating and that patient has still been active in her daily activities. For example, if a patient takes her normal walks at 7 in the morning but stopped completely for three weeks then this would a sign of some trouble. A change in routine could be a grave sign of suicide. Also if a patient has been crying randomly and voicing her signs of despair this can be also a sign of suicide as well. Another important thing to recognize according to Houston Psychiatrists is that alcohol and drug abuse can be a trigger to suicide. Alcohol can increase the feelings of depression which can cause a greater probability of patient attempting to commit suicide.
Another thing to be aware of is the fact that sometimes when patients attempt suicide they tend to give away possessions that are very important to them. If there is patient who gives away his/her prized car, a trophy he or she won, and writes a will these are somethings to take very seriously for Houston Therapist. Also patients often times write their final wishes to their family such as repaying a debt to someone they may not have the opportunity to. Another important factor to look at is if the patient is getting the appropriate amount of sleep. Often times when people who sleep only 3-4 hours a day could have a higher likelihood of more confused thinking which can influence their actions. Sleep is critical to a persons mental health and any drastic changes to sleep should be consulted with a medical professional immediately. A good method is to use a sleep chart to help monitor sleep so drastic changes can be prevented.

April 3, 2014


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